Our School Plan/Strategy for Prevention of COVID-19

  • Hand washing using soap: Health In-charge should make the soap available in the toilets and near the tap. All the staffs shall create awareness on hand washing and monitor it regularly
  • Providing boiled water: Boiled water will be provided during interval and lunch break (Cook and caretaker will be responsible is to be coordinated by Vice Principal and mess in-charge). Water dispenser will be fixed in front of classroom and staff room. Students shall be encouraged to avail this service during the interval and during the free time. Moreover, all the students will be made to carry water bottle to the class monitored by class and subject teachers.
  • School shall not conduct activities which requires mass gathering.
  • Providing thoroughly cooked food: Cooks are reminded to cook meat and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Cleanliness of cooks: Cooks were reminded to maintain the personal hygiene. Moreover, apron, hair dress and mask were made mandatory especially during the preparation and serving. It shall be monitored strictly by Mess in-charge and TOD.
  • Opening and closing of school gate: Caretaker should close the gate and open only in the morning and evening (but during emergencies he should available to open the gate). He should also strictly monitor the entry of vehicles. The entry of the foreigners, outsiders, Parents will not be allowed in the school premises.
  • No Outing for boarder students: Warden and matron shall cater to the need of students.
  • Parents will be refrained from visiting the school and student’s leave will be thoroughly scrutinized.
  • Isolation of sick students: Sick rooms shall be fully utilized in isolating the sick students. Moreover, sick students will be closely monitored by health In-charges. 
  • Students will be made to wear mask.

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