School Development Plan


Goals: to ensure sound working and learning environment for the staff and students.


  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Involve staff and student representative in decision making process.
  • Provide adequate resources.
  • Effective use of SDF
  • Provide guidance through supervision.
  • Take fair and firm decisions.
  • Provide support in times of need
  • Maintain sound relations with the parents and the community.
  • Nomination for workshops and training with justice.


Goals: To ensure effective delivery of curriculum practices/requirements.


  • Daily lesson planning, yearly plan and block plan.
  • Proper conduct of CA, maintain records and follow up.
  • Conduct remedial classes.
  • Proper conduct of examination and evaluations
  • Encourage parent’s involvement.

Student support services:

Goal: To help children become responsible and productive citizens.


  • Provide regular guidance and counseling
  • Regular health checkup
  • Protect children from abuse or threats.
  • Conduct value education classes.
  • Inform parents about the children’s progress in the school.
  • Keep record of individual child’s conduct in the school.

Staff development

Goal: to enhance professional development of the teachers.


  • Regular staff meeting
  • Conduct SLMSS
  • Appraisal system
  • Nominate teachers for various workshops.
  • Conduct SBIP after attending the workshops.
  • Conduct PD program on values.

Infrastructure facilities:

Goal: to ensure adequate physical facilities in the school.


  • Maintenance of classroom and staff furniture.
  • Additional classroom
  • Construct staff quarter.
  • Construct additional tap stand.

Campus development:

Goal: to make the school campus more- child- friendly, secure and beautiful.


  • Flower gardening
  • Avenue plantation
  • Planting of ornamental plants
  • Plantation of saplings.
  • Creation and construction of innovative ideas.