Role of Subject Teachers

  1. Planning
  • Prepare yearly plan/ term plan and block plan in the beginning of the academic session and submit a copy to the HOD.
  • Plan daily lesson including all the components such as values, lesson objectives, skills, strategies, lesson development, activities, follow up and closure.
  • The subject teachers must plan two lesson plans in detailed and rest in short notes and submit the week’s lesson plan to the concerned HOD
  1. Curriculum/syllabus
  • Update the latest change in curriculum or syllabus and the question pattern
  • Timely completion of syllabus with ample time left for revision and discussions of the past years questions.
  • Ensure at least 80% of the students master the required syllabus content in the subject.
  1. Assessment and evaluation
  • Develop the assessment criteria for class work, home work and project work and display in the class.
  • Carry out the continuous assessment (CW, HW, PW) based on the developed criteria.
  • Preparation of question papers based on blue print and carry out the group evaluation based on the marking scheme.
  1. Create conducive learning atmosphere
  • Enriching class discussion through student’s engagement and participation.
  • Motivate students by adopting a variety of methods/strategies and motivate good study skills.
  1. Classroom discipline
  • Accountable for general discipline, student’s wellbeing during the entire session/period.
  • Role model for the students imparting good values such as punctuality, good manners, honesty etc.
  1. Aware of monitoring tools
  • Subject teachers must understand and aware of self monitoring tools for an effective teaching learning.
  • Above all subject teachers must be aware of curriculum, question pattern and the mode of assessment.
  1. Remedial class and Enrichment class
  • Conduct remedial classes for the weaker students and the enrichment classes for the high achievers.
  1. Child adoption
  • All the teachers shall adopt at least two students each for their academic excellence

Role of Head of Department (HOD)

  1. Recording and maintaining of documents
  • The respective HOD must ensure that every member submits the year plan/ term plan in the beginning of the academic session.
  • Provide professional support to its members who have recently joined in the profession.
  1. Monitoring curriculum implementation
  • The HOD should monitor the effective implementation of curriculum ie. how effective the teaching learning takes place for the academic year.
  • The HOD should ensure that every one prepares the daily lesson plan and submit it once in a week.
  1. Conduct the department meeting
  • Conduct the department meeting (scheduled) or whenever the need arises related with the curriculum implementation/teaching learning, matters concerned with the members.
  • File the minutes of meeting for references.
  1. Moderation of question papers
  • Check the question papers and the blue print and moderate them if necessary before handing over to the Examination committee.

Examination Secretary’s role

  • Maintain all the documents related to both internal and external examinations
  • Coordinate to conduct internal examinations
  • Prepare examination time table, duty and evaluation roster.
  • Update examination rules and regulations
  • Ensuring all the question papers are moderated in the respective departments
  • Ensuring question papers are printed enough as per the strength of the class
  • Collecting answers script and hand over to the concerned subject teachers
  • Maintaining question bank (both hard and soft copy)
  • Ensuring the fair conduct of examination.
  • Collect and store annual answer scripts from concern subject teachers.

Role of Academic head

  • Monitor classroom management through scheduled monitoring and support services.
  • Observation of classroom, set up, displays, student’s behavior, teacher’s conduct.
  • Identify strengths and weakness and provide immediate support at the school level.
  • Motivating and reinforcing the staff and providing the professional support.
  • Recommend for SBIP/CBIP/DBIP/NBIP
  • Observe classroom teaching for the teachers once in a Term.
  • Prepare result analysis for Mid-Term and Annual Examinations.