School Club Policy


The club activities are carried out beyond the curriculum framework that not only supplement the curriculum but it is geared towards the wholesome development. Thus, the club program is designed to empower the children to participate and acquire the skills that would help in their daily life and gear towards value oriented education.


  1. To supplement the curricular activities in the school.
  2. To explore the potentials and talents of the school children.
  3. To inculcate the team spirit, tolerance, self-discipline and leadership in children.
  4. To enhance the physical, mental and social development of children.
  5. To preserve and promote the country’s tradition and culture
  6. To instill the GNH values in the minds of children.


  1. The enrollment of the member in the clubs should be open as per their interest and abilities.
  2. The club activities shall be continued from first week of March till end of the September.
  3. The clubs must engage all the students ranging from class IV to class X.
  4. The club is to be held once a week according to the period allotted.
  5. All the club coordinators have to prepare an action plan for their club in detail in standard form approved by the committee members.
  6. The club activities will be monitored by the club committee members according to schedule or as and when necessary.
  7. The club coordinators should not leave the members unattended or in the middle of session.
  8. The club activities are to be reviewed twice a year; once before the mid- term  and the second after the mid-term. Based on the review or the feedback from the members, the club committee or the non academic head may recommend for improvement.
  9. All the club coordinators are mandate to clearly reflect a particular product or an outcome in their action plan on which they are going to work for club exhibition.
  10. The club exhibition shall be held towards the end of September month, the day will be confirmed while framing the annual school calendar.

Role of club coordinators 

  • Designing and submission of action plan.
  1. Each club should have its aim and set of objectives such as to provide skills and techniques to the learners as a part of wholesome education.
  2. The respective club coordinator should design the action plan for the club activities and submit it to the non academic head.
  • Enrollment and appointment of student’s coordinator.
  1. Enroll the club members according to their interest and on first come first serve basis.
  2. Appoint the student’s coordinator on voluntary basis or through ballot if there are more competitors.
  • Club attendance.
  1. The club coordinators must make systematic plan to encourage the club members to attend the club session.
  2. The coordinators must keep the attendance of club members and the absenteeism should be informed to the club committee.
  • Coordination of club activities
  1. Ensure that club activities are carried out as per the designed action plan for the academic year.
  2. Put proposal for the financial support and get administrative support from the school if necessary for effective implementation and proper functioning of the club.
  • Documentation and account
  1. All the club activities must be documented and should be made available to the authorities by the concern club coordinator.
  2. The clubs account should be maintained by the club coordinator for transparency and accountability (funded clubs).
  • Reviewing of club activities
  1. Review or assess the club activities through questionnaire/ short assessment examination at the end of each term
  2. Get feedback from the club members on its effectiveness, usefulness and suggestion for further improvement.
  • Submission of club report
  1. A performance report based on the standard format must be prepared by the club coordinators and submit to the non academic head at the end of each term.

The clubs and coordinators for the academic year 2018 is given below: