School Admission Policy


The admission will be done in line with the admission policy of Ministry of Education and Dzongkhag to provide fair and equal opportunities to the eligible and deserving children.


The policy will help and guide the school to provide fair admission adhering to the policies of the Ministry of Education.


  1. The admission without filled form and approval from the committee will not be entertained.
  2. The admission needs unanimous decision of the committee.
  3. Equal opportunities will be given to all the children regardless of gender, social status, culture origin or religious belief.

Admission to PP class

Documents required /to be verified:

  1. Citizenship identity cards of parents.
  2. Health card or birth certificate of the child.
  3. Letter from parent organization to authenticate parent’s employment.
  4. Passport photo of the child (2nos) where feasible.
  5. Health recorded card/book.
  6. Determining the age of the candidates: the minimum age for admission to PP standard is six years as per the international system, but five years and six months is also accepted depending on the availability of seats. Determine the correct age by checking the health cards.
  7. Must produce the census record of parents and children from the MoHCA.
  8. The parent/guardian must sign in the admission register.
  9. The top priority will be given to the children of the locality, government employee and license holder of the business community.
  10. The parents must collect admission form from the school within the given time.
  11. The admission forms for the local children shall be verified by the Gup and that of the staff and the business shall be verified by the concerned authority.
  12. Admission for free child recruitment is restricted.
  13. Children not fulfilling the required age shall not be entertained at any cost including the transfer cases.

Admission in class IV

For new admission on placement within the cluster schools in class IV, the following documents are required.

  1. A copy of Citizenship Identity Card of the parents.
  2. Letter certifying parents’ place of work and residence.
  3. Admission placement order.
  4. Statement of marks and school leaving certificate (original).
  5. Health book

 Admission of transfer cases

The enrolment of children whose parents’ station of services are transferred and those on medical ground should be given preference. The admission of students may be considered subject to availability of seats.

Documents required:  

  1. Transfer order of parent(s) or letter of recommendations.
  2. School leaving certificate.
  3. Academic record of student’s performance including CA.
  4. Letter from previous school head in case of disciplinary ground.
  5. Receipt of fees paid to previous school of admitted in the middle of session.
  6. Passport size photo of students.
  7. Under taking letter from the parents.
  8. Record must be maintained in the admission register particularly the details of student and parents duly acknowledged by the parents/guardian.
  9. Health book.