Class teachers plays an important role in supporting school administration to conduct various activities in  school apart teaching. The important roles of class teacher is given below.

Role of Class teachers 

  • Appointment and delegation of duties
  1. Appointment of class captains and delegation of responsibilities to them
  2. Ensuring classroom cleaning is done every morning according to cleaning roster.
  • Issuing of text book and collection of school fees.
  1. Helping the store in-charge to issue the text books/stationeries to the class members
  2. Collection of the School fees and submitting to the School Development Fund coordinator
  3. Helping store in-charge in collecting the textbook
  • Maintaining of records/ Documents
  1. Maintaining class attendance and monitoring the class log book, inform the school authority in case of long absenteeism
  2. Filing of students character certificate at the end of the academic year (Class X).
  3. Preparation of results for the class.
  4. Maintaining of bio-data, personal file and participation record of students.
  5. Displaying of attendance record of students twice in a term and counsel those who have been frequently absent.
  6. Awarding of SUPW grades according to their work ethics, sincerity, punctuality etc (Class X).
  • Co-ordinate the class based activities.
  1. Games, sports and art activities
  2. Literary and cultural activities
  3. Social work (SUPW) and Community social services.
  • Guidance and motivation
  1. Provide guidance to students who are academically weak
  2. Motivate students to participate in class activities and co-curricular activities
  3. Motivate and guide those students who are in drugs/substance abuse and to those who cannot cope up with school rules and regulations.
  • Create conducive learning atmosphere.
  1. Making the class conducive for learning through display of learning materials, classroom organizations etc.
  2. Encouraging the class members to be interactive by taking part in asking questions, responding to questions.
  3. Preparing Home work schedule along with the other subject teachers
  • Aware of monitoring tools
  1. Class teachers must understand and aware of self monitoring tools for an effective teaching learning to take place.
  • Maintenance
  1. Taking care of classroom properties such as furniture, lighting equipment and class as a whole.
  • User friendly
  1. Creating awareness on user friendly education in the classroom and maintaining discipline in the class.
  • Reading
  1. Monitoring of reading program, keeping of reading record and submission of record to the management.

The class teachers for the academic year 2018 is given below:


Roles and Responsibilities of the Collaborative Group (CG) Advisor:

  1. Supervise and coordinate the members in any CG activities.
  2. Nominate or encourage all the members for inter-CG competitions.
  3. Provide pastoral care to the members.
  4. Responsible for achieving the best performance by his/her CG.
  5. Include the sense of competition in members.
  6. Encourage team work and cooperation among the members.
  7. Maintaining account of agricultural products
  8. Delegation of responsibilities to the CG captain

The CG masters for the academic year 2018 is given below: