Opening of the 2019 Academic Session

The opening of the academic year marks the official start of a bustling new academic session at Ura Central School, Bumthang. The beginning of a new school is for all occasions of joy and hope. Therefore, formal khadar and opening ceremony was held for all students, staff and PP students in particular on 13th February, 2019. Ex-Lam Neten graced the occasion.

The new Class PP students (26) received Khadar from the Ex-Lam Neten as a gesture of officially welcoming them to the school escorted by their parents. The ceremony also included offering of butter lamps by the newly admitted students and their parents. The light from the flame of the butter lamp symbolizes the wisdom of the awakened mind dispelling the darkness of delusion and mental obscurations, thus symbolically removing darkness of ignorance from the students.

The event concluded with the serving of Suja and Desi to the chief guest, parents of PP students, staff and all the students.

 –  Tenzin Dema(Editor), Asst. Counselor, Ura CS.

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